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How to chose your customers and get them addicted to you...

What is Flirt-Marketing?

What are my benefits?

Where can I learn Flirt-Marketing?


What is Flirt-Marketing?

Regard your customer contact simply as a flirt: You will inspire and arouse curiosity.

You spark attention and create a personal bond.


What are my benefits?

Higher credibility by authenticity and honesty.

This will lead to greater customer loyalty and more sales.

Customers will contact you more frequently by being adressed on a personal level.


Where can I learn Flirt-Marketing?

For Details about booking Heidi for your next event contact:

Heidi Pütz

+49 0172 998 777 9

Heidi Pütz
Keynote Speaker,
Consulting Coach, renowend german tv presenter.

Gregor Staub "Heidi Pütz exudes stage charm, grace and joy!"

Gregor Staub,
Keynote Speaker, Author, One of Europe's leading memory trainers, Switzerland



German Speakers Association Newcomer-Award:
(from left to right) Award-founder Sabine Asgodom, CSP, GSA HoF, winner Heidi Pütz and Prof. Dr. Lothar Seiwert, CSP, GSA HoF



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I'm looking forward to meet up for a cup of coffee with you soon:

Heidi Pütz

+49 0172 998 777 9

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